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Tips and Advice on How to Decorate Around a Television | Hiding a TV
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7 Tips on How to Decorate Around a Television

For almost the past 100  years, televisions have become the fabric of every day life. We want them to be large with fantastic picture quality. However, there is a price to be paid for allowing this large rectangle pulling focus into any room for your house. More and more the television, media players and game consoles are an integral part of most family rooms. So, how do you strike the balance between having technology available without having it stick out like a design-sore thumb? Don’t worry. For this very reason, we will offer several ways of getting around these obstacles and advice on how to decorate around a television.

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Here’s the deal, people trying the hardest to decorate their home constructively are starting to revisit the idea of organizing their living space around the tv screen. Yet the want the option of a wonderful view in option when the mood strikes. In rooms where a window provides a nice view, things can even get more complicated as a result. The television itself is now acting more as a piece of decor. You might ask yourself, “How do you arrange furniture to embrace that obstructed view while living a normal life and watching the boob tube?”

You find yourself with two options when wanting to decorate around a television. The choices are to see the television at all times or the option of hiding the tv. It’s a simple choice but there actually may be a lot of time thinking on what might be the best option for you. Imagine about having fun with this project instead of fighting with it.

1) Many gallery walls rely on smaller frames to complement the larger statement piece. But when the tv is your statement piece, it might become necessary to create your whole gallery of large statement art. When the sizes are more alike, it will give the appearance that your tv belongs. Be sure to take a minute out and check out The Frame by Samsung. This tv incorporates a gallery-like artwork experience when television is not being viewed. Just an fyi, gallery walls just don’t have to be made up of only frames. Think outside the box and hang objects like lanterns or baskets around your television.


2) Framing in a wall-mounted television helps it to blend with the decor and look more like art. It gives you the opportunity to personalize your tv and help it blend with your wall decor. The frame itself would obviously need to be larger than the television.  It can be designed to hug your tv with that built-in effect. You can also put a frame around the outside edge of the TV, and then layer the decor around it. The wood and stacked frames will become the focal point, not the television.


3) A camouflage-style decorating can also be a solution to decorate around a television. Try switching to a retractable screen with a retractable hidden projector in the ceiling. You can skip the screen by hanging a lightweight piece of art where you’ll be watching, and painting that wall a crisp, solid white. When it’s time to watch tv, simply take down the art and turn on the projector.


4) For a more affordable approach, fill the wall with individual shelves arranged around, below or above the tv. Just use the floating shelves with attractive brackets. You can fill them with mementoes, books and some baskets where you can stash your streaming device or other electronic items. This idea helps the tv blend in a bit while still providing tons of storage. Hanging shelves surround the screen can hold electronics as well as decor. Another related idea could be a dramatic grouping of geometric shelves on the wall above the TV.


5) Some might make it their mission to keep the television completely out of site. A few homemakers may opt to fill a wall with an entertainment console that would include a built-in bookcase. Space would be provided at the center to display a tv. This will give you a some extra storage as well as displaying your favorite accessories. It’s a creative idea, but it can be expensive at the same time. You can also incorporate a sliding panel into the bookcase. A free-standing cabinet or a hydraulic lift cabinet is also perfect to house a wide-screen tv.


6) A sliding panel is another option to conceal the television. These doors can retract back and forth giving the illusion of being there one minute and gone the next. Large sliding walls in front of a fireplace walls could work in the same manner. One again, but giving the now you see it the now you don’t approach. When the panels are closed, it certainly gives the effect of no tv to be seen or heard.


7) Have you thought about a black wall? Create a situation where a big-screen tv lives black or a dark wall. As a result, it will blend into the wall and not draw attention away from the other elegant pieces in the room. Dark wallpaper also acts as another great solution to hide the tv and give the room an added style boost.

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