Choosing the Right Frame for your Picture

Choosing the right frameMostly, taken pictures are putted in a photo album, and select few or best photo to enlarged and put it framed. Even some photo connects to the viewer but its frame has lot of influence for the photo’s presentation. The main purpose of the frame is to protect the piece as well as enhancing its appearance.

How to go about choosing the right frame for your picture:

Choosing the right frame and mat gives you an idea to input your artistic skill and decoration taste into unique and best personal piece of art. This can be exciting but doing this can’t be too hard by following some steps below on choosing the right frame for your lovely photo.

Step One: Determining the size of the Picture
Measure the width and length of your picture to know its size. Include also borders along the picture.

Step two: Matting Selection
Choose a color contrast to the picture for your mat. You mat selection is based on the picture size. The mat should be a bit larger than your photo to have an eye catching background.

Step Three: Choose the right thickness of the frame
Thickness of frame should fit and must be appropriate to the picture so that it may look great

Step Four: Matting and Picture needs to measure
Your picture plus the matt need to be measured correctly

Step Five: Choose the right effect and style
Select what type of style and effect that your photo will look great.

More Tips on Choosing the Right Frame

Framers are the expert in framing. This individual will help you and will give you an idea to choose the best frame for your photo.

Style Matching – Picture and Frame should match. The picture you make should complement to the room environment.

Size of the Frame – Frame thickness is one of the factors in selecting the best frame for your picture. Wrong choice of frame will not enhance the beauty of the picture but it will distract the viewer and might have bad comment as well.

Color of the Frame – keep in mind that choosing the frame color depend on the picture to be put in, the inside photo and the frame should have little bit contrast to each other so that they enhance their uniqueness in different manner.

When choosing the right frame for your photos, is it’s your personal choice and style! Antique frame is great and good for older photo, or colored picture for a vintage look. Metal, polish frame or slick plastic frame work well with the styled photos, while earth tone, barn wood, and dark deep-grained wood are great for nature photos.

There are lots of designs and lay out for different frames in the internet, browse for unique options or visit the nearest craft store to buy pre-cut mats and choose through the frame-lined walls. Huge frames are not cheap. Make sure to bring your actual photo (or maybe photo copy if you are worried that the original copy might be damage) with you to help make your final choice for choosing the right frame.

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