perfect gallery wall top 5 tips

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Pictures have long been a way for people to show what is most important to them. We take pictures of everything from people we love and admire to places we visit. Photos are a wonderful way to share memories and hold on to those memories in a tangible way. If you are like so many others, majority of your photos probably make their home in a box or photo album tucked safely on a shelf. Today, you will be shown how to create the perfect gallery wall in five easy to follow steps.perfect gallery wall top 5 tips

Making a perfect gallery wall is simple and easy. It provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase all those photos and valuable artwork  you hold near and dear to your heart.

1. Start simple and pick a palette that compliments your room. Whether you like bright vibrant colors or would rather stick with neutral colors creating a palette to make your perfect gallery wall pop is vital. Try looking around your room to use other elements to help bring the entire room together. Ideally you want to pick just a few colors, typically between two and five that will work well together.

2. Unity in the picture frames is another important step in creating the perfect gallery wall. When you have the perfect amount of frames, you can easily spray paint them all the same color to give that united look to the pieces.

3. Variety is the spice of life…and it’s also the spice of your perfect gallery wall. Don’t be afraid to be different and bold when it comes to your gallery wall. You don’t have to keep your gallery wall to strictly picture frames. Don’t be afraid to add little touches like metal or wood sculptures that help tie the entire wall together.

perfect gallery wall top 5 tips photos4. The perfect arrangement will help to create the story for your photos. To do this step we recommend getting a pencil first. Then lightly outlining how you want your frames and accessories to be placed on the wall. This makes changing things easier than if you have nails put into the wall. You know the old saying measure twice and cut once, the same concept can be applied to creating your perfect gallery wall.

5. Avoid the awkward floating frames by grounding your gallery wall. To ground a wall sounds funny. Think about it this way if you have a wall with a bunch of picture frames hanging around with nothing else by it, those frames seem to be floating randomly in that space but the moment you add a piece of furniture, like an accent table you tie everything together to create a wonderful space that showcases your photos.

We hope these little helpful tips will assist you in creating a perfect gallery wall in your own home and as always be creative and have fun because this is all about creating personality for your room.

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