Picture Framing Suggestions for Your Home

Looking for picture framing suggestions? When it comes time to come up with some new and fresh ideas for your home, remember all that means the most to you. Create a beautiful family wall of genuine moments, cherished memories and celebrations.

Every persons home needs a wall of love. Ideal spots include empty walls and challenging-to-fill walls such as hallways, staircases and stair landings.picture framing suggestions

You can also create the same area of frames within a bookcase or in wall-to-wall shelving.

Here are a few of my picture framing suggestions and secrets to creating exceptional walls for your treasured home:

Start with a sense of continuity: Use all black and white photos, as we appear changeless in the pictures. Let’s face it, we all look better in black and white.

Sepia tones a very good option. If your current pictures happened to be colored, don’t worry. Take them in to a local print shop and ask to have them reprinted in black and white or sepia.

A sense of continuity surrounded by the framing is also extremely important. If you have a more traditional house, mix up the size of the frames but make sure you keep the framing consistent.

If your space happens to be modern, perhaps a symmetrical arrangement and keep all the frames the same size or try to minimize size variation.

When hanging the frames, aim to keep the distance between the frames consistent regardless of their shape or dimensions.

More Picture Framing Suggestions: Mix it up!

More picture framing suggestions: Try to have a sense of humor and don’t be afraid to hang some goofy or funny moments. Perhaps get a fun Instagram photo printed. Surprisingly, these usually end up being the shots we are attracted to most often.

Be sure to include your entire family or even your pets that you cherish so dearly. Add a non-photographic item in the company of my picture frames. Maybe one framed picture sitting on top of an alluring wall sconce or a plaster relief or even a piece of metal sculpture.

Always leave room to expand the wall and don’t be afraid to add and remove picture frames over time. Consider this creative venture a work in progress.

You might be surprised to find, many people just can’t bring themselves to put the nail to the hammer! They tend to be too afraid or unsure of where and how to hang the pictures.

Don’t resist the idea of hiring your custom framing expert to come in and hang a wall with you. You will find, an hour or two of our time can be money well spent.

Also, don’t be afraid to do an image search on the internet. You might be surprised to find what picture ideas come up under a Google or Bing Search!

Lastly, if you’re choosing to display your family memories in a bookcase or on shelving instead of a wall-hung display, be sure to include books and valuables you’ve collected amongst the frames for a more compelling finished product.

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