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How to Save Money on Framing | Picture Frames Tips
how to save money on framing

How to Save Money on Framing

Let’s be honest here for a moment. We all like to save when we can, right? Who wants to spend that is unnecessary when you could save it for something else. For many people when they decide to have something framed they don’t really think about saving or trying to save up. Having something framed can be quite expensive if you are not careful. We are bringing you a handy list of tips to help you save money on framing at your local frame shop.


Because framing is a more of a customized process, you typically won’t get a price until you are ready to pick up your piece. This can be good or bad depending on the price of your piece. Today we are looking at ways to help you not be shocked when you pick up your newly framed piece.

How to Save Money on Framing Tips:

• Choosing a Frame: Wood is expensivesave-money-on-framing-image-2 whether it is for a cabinet, a floor, or your new picture you want framed. Different types of woods will have very different price tags. If you want to save money on framing you might want to pick a less expensive type of wood. Perhaps a sandy pine rather than the oak you were looking at.

• Ask About Ready Made Pieces: Ask your local frame store about readymade components. This can help reduce the cost of your framing greatly. You never know what the framing shop has laying around that might jump out at you and be the perfect complement to your piece.

• Skip The Extras: When you want to save money on framing. you might want to skip the extras. This includes UV filtering glass, conservation backing, and other such extras that can drive the price up by $20 per extra.

how to save money on framing pictureThat’s all for today’s helpful tips and tricks. We hope you were able to learn a few ways to save money on framing for the next time you need a piece framed. One other note to remember is when you are trying to save money on framing, take into consideration the importance of the piece you are framing. If it is an irreplaceable family portrait it might be better to spend the extra money to ensure it is going to be protected for years to come.

It all boils down to you and your personal desires. You can still save and keep your pieces safe and secure in their new picture frames.

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