tips for arranging a gallery wall

Tips for Arranging a Gallery Wall

tips for arranging a gallery wallLooking for help or tips for arranging a gallery wall? Decorating a home or room can be very enjoyable, especially when you are creating custom photo gallery walls. As defined by a recent internet search a gallery wall is “an easy way of displaying all those things that matter most, family portraits, unforgettable, trips, and treasured letters just to name a few.” You can create a stunning do it yourself (DIY) gallery wall anywhere in your home you desire, this works great because you can customize the size as well as the colors used in your gallery wall. Let’s take a look at a few helpful and handy tips for arranging a gallery wall now.

Tips for Arranging a Gallery Wall

  1. Layout – one of the wonderful things about designing your gallery wall is the wide variety of layout options. You can lay out your wall in a neat and organized pattern with perfect symmetry or a balanced grid if you need a little organization in a room or you can just place the photos anywhere on the wall to create a chaotic and fun gallery wall. Ultimately the choice is completely up to you and based on your likes, dislikes, and needs of the room.
  2. Preplan – Draw out your wall on a sheet of paper first that way you can see how it will look and change things as needed quicktips for arranging a gallery wallly and easily. Once you preplan on a sheet of paper you can lay out the wall in a “pencil” meaning a loose design that is able to be moved around before you put up the “permanent” design.
  3. Think outside of the frame – You don’t have to hang all your pictures there are these wonderful things known as ledges that you can use to set your frames on instead of hanging them all. This adds a creative aspect that is a little out of the ordinary.
  4. Layers – layering your photos can give the gallery wall depth and creative design. You can use a photo ledge to help layer your pictures and mix the ledge with wall hanging photos for a truly unique and custom design.
  5. Color – You can use as much or as little color as you want. If you want a bright and colorful wall you can pick up photo mats in a variety of colors to add subtle color to your frames or even get colored frames. You might also add color with decorative accents around your wall such as faux flowers or garland.
  6. Be Bold – Don’t be afraid to try new things such as patterns and colors, let your gallery wall express your personality and design desires, you can’t go wrong when you are designing a gallery wall so don’t be afraid to try all the things you want.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for arranging a gallery wall. We hope you find it useful in your home decor projects! Make sure you stop buy or Facebook page for all the latest updates in the custom framing world.

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