damage to picture frames

What Does the Most Damage to Picture Frames

Anytime you frame something whether it be a piece of art work or a paper document there is a risk of that article being damaged by various things, including damage to picture frames, the main thing most people would think of is the sunlight.damage to picture frames

This is definitely a concern because the sunlight will indeed fade or otherwise damage your article of framed work, but there are a few other factors that can also damage your prized framed work that you should be aware of to keep damage to picture frames from happening.

Most Damage to Picture Frames:

~ Acid and Lignin

If you frame your work improperly you run the risk of it being damaged by acid and lignin. This can especially be true if there are any adhesives being used, as well as other chemicals. Lignin is a substance that is found in wood products, like popular style frames. Lignin has tendency of turning photographs yellow or fading them. In order to prevent this type of damage be sure to properly frame your work with mat board, use photo-safe adhesives and any other product you use be sure it is labeled as “museum quality,” to ensure your prized work will remain damage free for years to come.

~ Air Pollution

You might not have thought about having air pollutants inside your home, but these pollutants can and will cause fading of your photos and art work. Did you realize that if your photos are printed on certain types of paper that photo paper can actually give off harmful gases while inside the frames causing fading and discoloration? In order to prevent pollutants from damaging your framed work be sure you are using the correct materials, and only use materials which are proven safe for artwork, photos, and other special items you might frame a good reference would be to look for “museum quality” on anything you use with your framed pieces.

~ Insects

While insects might not be on the top of the list they cannot be overlooked all together. Insects when given access to framed work, typically through a poorly assembled frame, which leaves openings, tend to leave holes and stains on the work in the frame. In order to prevent this type of damage it is important to check the framed work regularly for signs of insects and even check the frames to ensure they are assembled properly with no broken pieces. Another tip to remember is having your work framed by a professional to ensure the frame is intact so there is no damage to picture frames.

~ Heat

Most times you are told to keep things at room temperature but did you realize that room temperature is really too warm for a picture? Framed pieces which are exposed to heat for long periods of time can warp discolor and even deteriorate then cause damage to picture frames. Be sure when you are choosing lights to showcase your framed items that they are not putting off too much heat. It doesn’t take much to damage framed pieces.

~ Moisture

If your framed work is exposed to moisture either from condensation or even from residue from cleaning the glass, the surface of the photo can actually take on adhesive qualities and cause the photo to stick to the glass of the frame; this is known as “blocking.” This “blocking” ruins photos, because there is no safe way to remove the picture from the glass once stuck to it. Moisture can also cause warping, mold growth and bleeding of digital photo’s colors.

We hope you found this list of damage to picture frames most useful.

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