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Choosing The Right Materials of a Mat Board

When it comes to a mat board, framing a picture can add so much beauty and character to your photo. Not only by adding a layer or protection to your artwork, but choosing the right material to use is just as important as choosing a color. Here are a few of the different options you have when it comes to matting your picture or art work.

mat boards materialWhen it comes to mat boards there are three main material types used they are cotton, alpha-cellulose and wood pulp, below we will go into a little more detail to help you not only understand the difference but also help you to pick the best one for your project.

Materials of a Mat Board

Cotton – This material can be seen used in museums, it is a high quality material. The cotton color is restricted, making this material safe for artwork. Because of this lack of color the beveled edge is typically white; however, you are able to choose color for the face paper of the mat board. Just keep in mind the more color you add the more risk you run of the artwork being damaged when you add colors into the mix you add acids and other chemical ingredients that might not work well with your artwork.

Alpha-Cellulose – This mat board material is an acid free mat board material that is composed of the purest form of paper pulp, also known as alpha-cellulose. This material is reasonably priced compared to some other types. This particular type of mat board can be considered archival but not museum quality. This particular type of mat board is your middle ground priced mat board, while it is still good quality that can last a long time you are not going to pay a fortune for it.

Wood pulp – This type is the most common and the cheapest in price. These particular mat boards are not to be used for long term preservation, meaning you should not use this mat board for more than five years, or you run the risk of damaging your artwork/pictures.

Some other useful tips to keep in mind when trying to decide on which material to use for the mat board is how long you want to have the artwork or picture on display with the mat board. Will you be putting up a short term display or are you looking for a display that will be up for many years? Also, keep in mind how important the artwork is because this will help you decide how long you wish to display it for. Also, take into consideration your budget, because these three types of mat board can vary in price greatly. Worse come to worse if you need advice or just information contact the experts they will be happy to help you pick a mat board that will not only protect but show off your artwork perfectly.

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