instagram picture frame gallery wall

How to Make an Instagram Picture Frame Gallery Wall

Love Instagram? Read on about creating your very own Instagram picture frame gallery wall. When you walk into someone’s home for the first time what is the first thing you notice they have decorating their personal living space? Pictures, almost every single home has at least one picture somewhere in the home, people love pictures. Pictures provide visual memories of happy times, instagram picture frame gallery wallmemorable times, fun times, and people like to be reminded about these times often hence the reason for pictures adorning walls and furniture.

The one social media outlet that has boomed in growth over the past year or so is a site known as Instagram, a social networking site where people can snap pictures on their smart phones or tablets with the Instagram App and upload those pictures with a caption right to the internet. But once these are on the internet do you ever wish you could pull some off and use them to decorate your home or maybe give one to a dear friend as a gift of appreciation? Well, now you can with this easy to follow tutorial on making an Instagram picture frame gallery wall.

Instagram Picture Frame Gallery Wall Instructions:

First you will need to be sure to order the right type of frames, you can find frames that work perfectly at any online frame store. They make frames in black or white, and matted or non-matted. You can also choose between a 3 pack, 9 pack, 16 pack or 20 pack so you are able to truly customize your photo wall.

Now, you get to go through all your Instagram photos and pick the ones you want to use for your Instagram picture frame gallery wall. You can typically log into the photo printing machine at your local pharmacy like CVS or even Wal-Mart and choose your pictures, and simply print them out. By printing at a machine like this you get a higher quality photo typically which makes the entire wall instagram-picture-frame-gallery-wall-image-2look better. But if you want you can always print them out yourself at home just be sure to print the correct size.

Now the fun part, putting your pictures inside the frames, this gives you a chance to reminisce as you do and enjoy the moments you have had. Add to the fun and invite over a friend or two to enjoy the evening with you as you sort through your pictures for your Instagram picture frame gallery wall.

Plan out your hanging idea, this is best done on a piece of paper, and use pencil so you can change it up if need be. If you are like straight, even hangings this is a must do step but if you want to add a little more creativity to this project randomly hang your photo frames on the wall. It will give personality to the entire project.

Now, hang those frames and take a step back and enjoy your work, time, effort, and memories with your Instagram picture frame gallery wall. Again, invite some friends over to enjoy your new décor as well.

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