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Travel Themed Gallery Wall | Family Vacation Picture Frames Home
travel themed gallery wall vacation picture framing

Travel Themed Gallery Wall

Traveling is one of those things so many people do or wish they could do if they had the time. When you travel the one thing most people do is take pictures or buy souvenirs and if you were asked years after your travels where those pictures or souvenirs are would you remember? Would you still even have them?

This is the prime reason why having a travel themed gallery wall is such a spectacular idea. You can show off your priceless treasures and travel themed gallery wall vacation picture framingpictures to everyone who enters. Another major bonus is this design idea can be used in small spaces or large spaces, since you are catering to your space you can change the layouts and sizes to fit your needs.

Travel Themed Gallery Wall Tips

You can get as creative as you like with your travel themed gallery wall , design a unique set up/lay out for your pictures and even add some scrap booking accents to the pictures themselves by matting the pictures first before framing them. Decorate the remaining space on your wall with trinkets or shelves for trinkets from your travels. This set up lets you embrace all those wonderful things you just couldn’t leave without travel themed gallery wall vacation picture framingwhile traveling and lets you enjoy them for years to come.

If you are the thrill seeker type and have had adventures how much fun would your wall be, filled with photos from a specific adventure or from many different adventures. You could even get a few items that can be used to tie the photos together, for example if you went hang gliding you could add a miniature hang glider to the themed wall by hanging it from the ceiling or add some a scuba diving mask or flippers to accent your recent scuba diving adventure pictures.

You can be as creative and unique as your imagination allows with your wall, the travel themed gallery wall sure beats the old school way to display pictures…hanging on the wall plainly or just sitting on top of the mantel collecting dust

travel themed gallery wall vacation picture framingSo, the next time you travel to a fabulous family vacation, like a all inclusive resort at Beaches Resorts, don’t leave the photos and souvenirs in boxes and envelopes. Plan to get creative and make a new travel themed gallery wall with them, showcase your travels so everyone can enjoy your adventures.

Don’t let your creativity stop at the traveling themed walls though, spread the excitement and joy to other parts of your life. You can have this same type of set up for almost any occasion, weddings, pregnancies, anniversaries and so many other events that are memorable for you. The idea is to show off your memories in a creative and fun way, bring life to your décor and bring a more in depth feeling to your space with a custom wall designed by you.

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